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What Heads Up Vest adopters are saying about their user experience!

Heads Up Vest is the first and only product on the market that meets the critical training objective of scanning. Heads Up Vests are essential to our curriculum and are commonly used by our coaches.

- Albert Puig – Former Director and Coach of Barcelona Football Club’s world renowned football academy, La Masía with a Union of European Football Association (UEFA) PRO license and Founder of APFC

I was first introduced to Heads Up Vest through a Coaching Education program run by APFC.  APFC is a leader in coaching education and in their live and online sessions, they almost exclusively use Heads Up Vest in their demonstrations.  I had never seen a product like Heads Up Vest.  Its design and utility help to reinforce critical training aspect for my coaches and players.  It promotes players to look up at the neckline, which helps them become less ball-focused and more focused on a broader view of the field.  This view allows players to better scan the field and make faster and better decisions.  As a coach, I initially used my own funds to purchase my first two team sets in January 2022 and March 2022.  After seeing the success of my players, I was able to add over 500 Reversible Heads Up Vest to my entire club’s training kits.  The product is something I had never seen before in my decades as a Professional Player, coach and now Executive Director of an over 40 year old club.  

-Damion Blackburn, the Executive Director of Flathead Valley United

A fellow coach and friend of mine introduced me to the Heads Up Vest.  As General Manager of NEFC, I am always looking for new products that will positively impact my teams and players.  This is exactly what I felt when I first learned about Heads Up Vest.  NEFC has hundreds of teams nationwide and we compete in many of the Nation’s top leagues (MLS Next, National Academy League, Girls Academy League, Development Player League, USYS National League, New England Club Soccer League).  In September 2022, I initially placed a small order for a couple sets to trial.  Blown away by the response and success of training with Heads Up Vest, I was able to easily convince our board to invest in Heads Up Vest for a majority of our club.  In November 2022, we ordered a Heads Up Vest for a majority of our players (10 years old to 18 years old).  The benefit of using them was shown immediately throughout all ages.  I have been involved in Youth soccer for over 18 years as a coach, department head, National Tournament Director and National General Manager and I have never seen a product like Heads Up Vest.  Its benefit to improving soccer scanning and helping to build smarter and better decision makers in soccer is critical to our success.

- James Hamblin, General Manager of the New England Futbol Club (NEFC)

Heads Up Vest really excited me because I have always been in search of something that would help our club to create more aware and intelligent players, and I had never seen anything like this product in my 30 years of soccer.  I am the founder of a small community club in San Fernando Valley by the name of Ole SC.  Over the last ten years of Ole’s existence, we have served several players from entry level to advanced, ranging in ages from 3 to 15 years old.

In this time, we have seen a major issue with players focusing too much on the ball at their feet, and not the broader scope of soccer situations at hand. … I first purchased Heads up Vest in June of 2021 and saw clear results within two weeks of implementation.  I was blown away at how easy it was to implement club wide and how user friendly it proved to be with all ages.  I went back to reorder two more times so that every coach in our program could implement the vests into their respective team environment.  Currently every player in the Ole SC Club uses Heads Up Vests and it has become a staple in our club identity.  This is the future of training equipment, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the impact Heads Up Vest has had on the Ole Player.

- Walter Merino, the Founder and Director of Ole Soccer Club and coach at Harvard Westlake

The players need to be able to look up before they get the ball. [Heads Up Vest is an] unbelievable idea that makes the players play quicker.  Being all the same color, with the difference being the color around the neck, you have to look up. 

- Roberto Dos Santos, the Head Coach of the Los Angeles Breakers Football Club

Hello coaches.  If you want to develop players who get their heads up and play with intelligence and awareness, then this new Heads Up Vest training is a super tool.

Alf Galustian - Founder of Coerver Coaching - Coerver Coaching founded in 1984

Hey guys, I’m excited to introduce to you Head Up Vest.  It’s a group we recently hooked up with down here in Southern California. These guys are awesome.  They came up with a simple solution to the training vest.  The top line around the neck is the color of your team.  It’s reversible, so you can switch teams quickly and easily.  But what this does most importantly, is it encourages players to get their head up when they’re with the ball and identify their teammates and where they’re going to pass it. You've got to have this in your toolkit.   

Coaches, if you’re looking for ways to help get your players to get their head up early when they’re in practice and in games, then you need to get your hands on the Head Up Vest.  Simple, effective tool that works for players of all ages and abilities.

Chas Cooke - President of Coerver Coaching North America